Booking Rose Moresk

Rose Moresk take a bow
Rose Moresk seek suitable engagements throughout the year at Festivals, Fayres, Hostorical Buildings, Courts and Castles.

The style and the content of our performances is unique. We are the only group to our knowledge that have attempted an authentic recreation of the Moresk, and to this end we have drawn together the best dancers and specialists in the field.
The Rose Moresk members is comprised of both academics and performers, and we include professional dancers and musicians to ensure performance of the highest quality and accuracy.

Performance Details

A typical performance will involve a team of 12 - 15 people, and we can provide smaller displays with 6 or 7 performers
Our full continuous performance lasts up to 50 minutes, but we can provide a number of shorter 10 - 15 minute shows. The individual dances can also be performed as set pieces within other appropriate formats.
We perform indoors or in open-air settings. We require a firm, even, dry dancing surface (not grass) of at least 5m × 5m, although 10m to 15m square is preferable. We also need suitable changing facilities, but can provide a medieval tent if necessary.
We do not as a rule use amplification, prefering to perform in settings where this is unnecessary. Our musical instruments fall into the category known at the time as 'Loud'. Andy Richards playing piper and tabor

Workshops and Talks

Rose Moresk are keen to promote a better understanding of this elements of our cultural heritage. We can provide workshops on the following topics:
  • Moresk Dancing
  • Music for Moresk
  • Pipe and Tabor - beginners upwards
We have a supporting CD of our music and a Moresk Workshop dance manual (£15)
Members of Rose Moresk can give illustrated talks and formal presentations/papers about the Moresk, its history and context

Contact Rose Moresk

  • Stephen Rowley, Tel +44 (0) 1453 763 181