Introduction to Rose Moresk & The Early Morris Project

taborer depicted on a wooden screen ca
Rose Moresk are a group dedicated to researching and recreating the Moresk to entertain and educate the public. Our first recreation is the courtly Moresk of around 1500.

Our performances are appropriate for both specialist and general audiences. They are entertaining and exciting to watch. The Moresk dances were performed as court entertainment with elements of drama and other dance forms creating a narrative. Rose Moresk strives to recreate this as accurately as possible and in a manner that is entertaining and accessible to modern audiences.

Thus the dances performed by Rose Moresk are drawn from a collection of dances, known as the Gresley Manuscript, originating from a large house in Derbyshire. They are believed to be the aide-memoir of a dancing master around 1500. Although the manuscripts do not specifically state that these are Moresk dances, they contain features that resemble those elements from other sources known to have been part of the Moresk.